Labster is dedicated to developing fully interactive advanced lab simulations based on mathematical algorithms that support open-ended investigations. We combine these with gamification elements such as an immersive 3D universe, storytelling and a scoring system which stimulates students’ natural curiosity and highlights the connection between science and the real world.


Virtual reality simulates an immersive lab/lecture experience using a visual interface. The visualization tool allows for demonstrations of techniques, simulations and similar applications. Any lab (anatomy, chemistry, biology, engineering) that wants to simulate the labs prior to students actually stepping in to the lab would benefit. In addition, VR and AR would help to create a better online classroom experience (i.e. VR could allow a student to actually feel as though they were sitting in the classroom). I have used the lab simulations provided by Labster. The virtual (VR) lab environment was incredibly informative, allowed to integration with pre-lab questions and I believe would be a tremendous asset to the University of Toronto community. Grant funding for adoption of Labster may be available from the company.


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William Ju Human, Biology Program ACTFBRef# 168141

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