Perusall is a platform for e-texts and pdf’s. They have agreements with several major publishers including Wiley and Pearson to serve as a platform for e-texts from these publishers. The platform allows students to highlight text and create chat sessions (group annotations) associated with text passages. The platform aggregates information from these chats to create a “confusion” report for the instructor. It also has an automated grading system that assesses the quality and distribution of a student’s contributions to the annotations. (this feature integrates with Blackboard gradebook)


The software does not have a licensing fee. Students purchase the e-text through the Perusall platform, thus paying for the platform indirectly. The e-text through the Perusall platform costs the same as buying it direct from the publisher (and typically less than the paper version). Perusall is LTI compliant. From – “Perusall uses LTI to integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). Once you have set up Perusall as an LTI app inside your LMS, students will be able to launch Perusall through their LMS without having to log into Perusall separately.”


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