Changing Your REDCap Project Status to Production

This section describes how to change the project status from Development to Production status. When this step is complete, you are ready to start collecting real study data.

Important: REDCap describes changing the project status as “Moving to Production.”

Before changing your REDCap project status to Production status, consider whether you plan to make only minor, infrequent changes from this point forward. After moving to Production status, you can no longer make real-time project changes.

To change your REDCap project status to Production:

    1. In the Project Setup tab, in the Move your project to production status section, click Move project to production. The Move Project to Production Status? dialog box opens.
    2. Decide whether to delete all the data in this instance. Select one of the following options:
      • Keep ALL data saved so far
      • Delete ALL data, calendar events, documents uploaded for records/responses, survey responses (if applicable), and any logging events pertaining to data collection
    3. If you selected Delete ALL data… in the previous step, a message box opens, confirming that you want to delete all your data.
    4. Click YES, Move to Production Status. Project Setup tab confirms that your project status changes to Production. You are now ready to begin collecting real study data.

Post-Production Changes

To make changes to your project when it is in Production status, you must change its status to Draft Mode.

Warnings: Altering a project that has been changed to Production status can cause data loss.

  • Changes to any variables may affect programmed calculations and/or branching logic.
  • Changing a variable name will cause data loss!
  • You can no longer test fields for accurate branching logic or calculations!

To change your project to Draft Mode:

    1. In the Project Setup tab, in the Design your data collection instruments section, click Online Designer. When the Online Designer tab opens, it prompts you to enter Draft Mode.
    2. Click Enter Draft Mode.
    3. Make the desired changes to your project. For detailed instructions, refer to the REDCap instructional videos, linked to and described in REDCap Additional Resources. Note: You are responsible for reviewing and testing all fields before submitting changes.
    4. To clearly understand the impact of the changes, click View detailed summary of all drafted changes. You can add or edit Events and Arms independently and view a detailed summary of your proposed changes, before submitting them for review.

REDCap automatically approves all your non-critical post-production changes.

When both of the following conditions occur, post-production changes require review and approval from the REDCap Administrator (

  • Changes affect data collection, for example: deleting fields, deleting multiple-choice options, changing the field type.
  • Data has been collected against the changed fields.

To delete events or arms while in production, please contact the REDCap Administrator (

Destructive changes to a project once it is in production will automatically create requests to the Redcap Administrators (via an email to the FogBugz ticketing system) identifying the requested change.

Changing the Project Status to Inactive Status or Archiving the Project

When your project is in Production Status and data has been collected, you can change the project status to inactive or you can archive your project. These features are accessed from the Other Functionality tab:

  • Inactive Status: Use this status when data collection is complete. This status disables most project functionality, while leaving collected data intact. You can return the project to Production status at any time. To change the project status to inactive, click Move to inactive status.
  • Archived Mode: Use this mode to close the project, and take it offline, it will no longer be displayed in your project list. To archive a project, click Archive the project.

Note: You can access an archived project only by clicking the Show Archived Projects button at the bottom of the My Projects page.