REDCap Storage Best Practices for Backups

Backing Up REDCap Projects

You do not need to actively back up your REDCap project: The REDCap project instance is backed up regularly to support complete application recovery (all projects and project data) to its most current backup state. This will be used only in extreme cases, such as catastrophic system failure or irreparable database corruption affecting the entire system.

REDCap Administrators cannot undo individual project or data changes made to a project (or to project data) by a research team. Therefore, REDCap project users are responsible for managing and maintaining their own REDCap projects and each project’s accompanying data. See the following section, “Project Data Backups.” If a study team modifies or deletes data in a REDCap project, REDCap Administrators cannot restore that project to a point in time before the modification and/or deletion occurred.

The REDCap team uses UTORBackup services to back up the all the contents of the REDCap server as follows:

  • Daily – incremental backup
  • Monthly – full backup

There is a daily backup report.

Backing Up Your REDCap Project Data

The REDCap project user is responsible for understanding and adhering to policies and procedures for proper data handling, when exporting and/or storing project data.

Recommendation: Use REDCap’s Data Export Tool regularly to export your project before making major changes to it or to project data. While REDCap Administrators will confirm before approving changes to the study structure (for example, if there is an identified risk of label mismatch or data loss), perform certain actions with care, for example, such as a bulk data import.

When you use the Data Export Tool to export data, REDCap stores all data and syntax files.