New and Third-party teaching tools extend the functionality of the University of Toronto’s Academic Toolbox – Quercus. They add new capabilities to the system, including access to external course content, additional grading or assignment capabilities, or news ways to interact with and between students. In order to integrate these new tools and alternate “apps” at UofT, the tools first need to go through a formal process including approval by the executive steering committee. The following ideas have been approved as projects.

Tool NameDescriptionLinkTypeTargeted ReleaseStatus
APSC Advisor AppPlease contact Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Registrar for more details on this project.Analytics2019 Fall session startCompleted
Blackboard Collaborate UltraCollaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that lets you add files, share applications, and use a virtual whiteboard to interact. Summer session startCompleted
BlueprintsThe Blueprints feature in Canvas allows sub-accounts (divisional 'sub-domains') to manage the default course templates in Quercus, among other capabilities. We are establishing a working group of professional staff to review and test the feature. Fall session startCompleted
Canvas Analytics BetaInstructure has developed a new version of its Canvas Analytics (which includes dashboard reports at the course level for instructors). Before making the new version available, we need to run tests. Fall session startCompleted
CrowdmarkCrowdmark is an online collaborative grading platform that enables educators to evaluate student work more effectively. Fall session startCompleted
Discussion toolsWe currently have two options for asynchronous discussion-type tools. We have also received requests for other similar tools. We have convened a working group to review our offerings.CommunicationIn Progress
EdEd is a next generation digital learning platform that redefines collaboration, communication, and computational thinking. Winter session startCompleted
Engineering Assignment Assessment SystemAn online grading platform to support engineering design courses. The system allows students to form teams, and for students and instructors to share files, evaluations, and project information.Assessment2018 Fall session startCompleted
ExamityExamity is an online proctoring solution. Progress
Explorance BlueBlue is an adaptive course evaluation solution. Summer session startCompleted
Explorance Blue upgradeExplorance has released an upgrade to its LMS integration tool for Blue (the course evaluations system). Fall session startCompleted
HypothesisDigital annotation tool for online readings. Progress
iClicker ClassicClassroom engagement software solution designed for simplicity and speed. Tech2018 Fall session startCompleted
JupyterHub (UTM instance)JupyterHub provides users with access to pre-configured data science computational environments and resources without burdening the users with installation and maintenance tasks.https://jupyterhub.readthedocs.ioContentTBDIn Progress
Kaltura (UTSC)Kaltura provides live and on-demand video SaaS solutions. Winter session startCompleted
Labster V1Labster is a virtual laboratory simulator. Winter session startCompleted
Labster V2Labster offers students a true-to-life lab experience at a fraction of the cost of a real lab Fall session startCompleted
Leganto (Library Reading List)Leganto enables you to streamline access to course materials and reduce their cost by leveraging library collections, expertise, and services. Fall sessionCompleted
LibAppsThe Library Resources integration allows discipline-specific library resources (also known as research guides, or libguides) to automatically appear in your Quercus course. It also provides students with quick access to commonly used library links, including the library’s article and catalogue search. Summer session startCompleted
Library Course ReservesOnline course readings available through U of T Libraries. Fall session startCompleted
MarkUsMarkUs is an online marking application developed by the Department of Computer Science. We are assisting the CS team in making their application LTI compliant and integratable with Quercus. Hold
McGraw Hill ConnectConnect is a course management and adaptive learning solution. Fall session startCompleted
MS Teams MeetingsMicrosoft Teams Meetings allows customers with Microsoft accounts to create video conference meeting links in Canvas. Summer session startCompleted
New GradebookInstructure has developed a new version of its gradebook. Before making the new version available institutionally, we need to run tests. Fall session startCompleted
New WileyPLUS (WileyPLUS Next Generation)The next generation of WileyPLUS gives instructors the freedom and flexibility to easily customize their course, keeping students engaged and on track. Fall session startCompleted
NSSEThe National Survey of Student Engagement is a survey mechanism used to measure the level of student participation at universities and colleges in Canada and the United States as it relates to learning and engagement Winter session startCompleted
Office 365 (OneDrive)The University has a significant investment in both the O365 suite as well as Quercus. It is possible to provide a more seamless integration between the two. We are proceeding with the technical work to facilitate that integration. Fall session startCompleted
Opencast V1Opencast lecture capture software is being deployed to STG classroom podiums. Fall session startCompleted
Opencast V2Opencast lecture capture software is being deployed to STG classroom podiums. Fall session startCompleted
OuriginalPlagiarism detection software FallCompleted
Pearson MyLab and MasteringMyLab and Mastering is a collection of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products. Fall session startCompleted
Peer Work ToolsWe currently have two options for peer collaboration and assessment-type tools. We have convened a working group to review our offerings.AssessmentIn Progress
peerScholarPeerScholar is an online peer- and self-assessment tool. Fall session startCompleted
PeppeRPeppeR is a web-based collaborative workspace where learners can engage in in-depth inquiry. Fall session startCompleted
PiazzaPiazza is a free online gathering place where students can ask, answer, and explore 24/7, under the guidance of their instructors. Fall session startCompleted
ProctorUProctorU provides secure live and automated online proctoring services for academic institutions and professional organizations. Winter session startPilot
Publisher InterfacesThere are many potential publisher integrations available for Quercus. When handled individually, each integration project can take months to complete. One of the biggest hurdles is compliance with information security and privacy standards. We have convened a working group to review the middleware options and make a recommendation.
ContentIn Progress
Quizzes.NextInstructure has developed a new version of its quiz tool. Before making the new version available, we need to run tests. Fall session startCompleted
QuizzicalQuizzical is educational software designed to help students engage more deeply with course material. Fall session startCompleted
TeamUp!TeamUp! is an online assessment tool for synchronous group work. Fall session startCompleted
TopHat ARSThe University completed a formal RFVQ process that resulted in two vendors of record for Audience Response Systems. tech2020 Fall session startCompleted
Turnitin Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism detection service. Summer session startCompleted
UT Advanced Group Tool (UTAGT)UTAGT is a custom developed tool that provides enhanced group management functionality within Quercus. Fall session startCompleted
UT Grade Export Tool (UTGET)UTGET is a custom developed tool for exporting grades from Quercus.Assessment2018 Fall session startCompleted
UT Optical Mark Recognition (UTOMR)UTOMR is a custom developed tool used to upload grades from optical mark recognition software into Quercus. Fall session startCompleted
UT Quercus Administrative Tool (UTQAT)UTQAT is a custom developed tool that provides enhanced administrative functions in Quercus.Administrative2019 Fall session startCompleted
Vocabulary Expansion AcceleratorVEA is an interactive online tool to engage students in language development using course materials. Fall session startCompleted
WebWorkWebWork is an open-source online homework system for math and sciences courses. Fall session startCompleted
WileyPLUSResearch-based online environment for effective teaching and learning. Fall session startCompleted
YouTubeYouTube is an online video-sharing platform. Summer session startCompleted