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Academic & Collaborative Technology (ACT) is a partnership between the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and Information + Technology Services (Office of the CIO) at the University of Toronto. ACT provides strategic and tactical leadership in the development and implementation of information technology services that support the academic mission for the university as a whole. ACT works with instructors, academic administrators, librarians, students, and professional staff (including teaching support units, instructional technologists and IT staff) to advance the University’s academic mission and in particular, its commitment to teaching.

StudentsACT is responsible for seven enterprise (university-wide) service areas:

  • Academic Toolbox (Technologies for Teaching & Learning)
  • Content Management and Website-hosting Services
  • Video-Mediated Communications (including video-conferencing and webinar solutions)
  • Client-facing Email and Related Productivity Solutions
  • Course Evaluation Technologies
  • Pre-incubator Spaces for Mobile Development and Classroom Technologies
  • Open U Toronto Support

Some ACT Statistics

Statistics for the past academic year (Sept. 14 – May 15):

  • 88,346 Active Portal (LMS) Users this year
  • 12,751 Active Portal (LMS) Courses this year
  • 1708 TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay Recordings this year
  • 180 Users who have made a TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay Recording this year

at workOverall stats (3+ years):

  • 98,436 Unique Portal (LMS) Mobile Users
  • 270,000 Student Views of UTL’s Portal (LMS) Library Resources Page
  • 652 Echo360 Uploaders (creators sharing video content)
  • 19,404 Active Students on Echo360
  • 434 TechSmith (Camtasia) Relay Users
  • 28,981 Unique Collaborate Webinar attendees
  • 7,221 Collaborate Virtual Rooms Used
  • 1,240 Faculty/Staff MyMedia (Video Hosting/Streaming) Accounts
  • 3,416 Student MyMedia (Video Hosting/Streaming) Accounts
  • 1,132 Faculty FADIS (Image Hosting) Accounts
  • 17,703 Student FADIS (Image Hosting) Accounts
  • 198 Faculty Members have an iClicker Base Station (which can then be used for any number of courses)

Where we sit with respect to the EDUCAUSE Core Data Survey:

  • Overall Level of Educational Technology Services and Support available at UofT: 100% of listed services
  • Specific Online Learning Services available at UofT: 100% of listed services
  • Access to Specific Types of System and Technologies: 92% (13/14)
  • The State of E-Learning: 88% (23/26)
  • Classroom Technologies: 81%  (13/16)
  • Student Success Technologies: 50% (16/32)