ARC Staff


At the start of 2020, our team transitioned to the University’s new Enterprise Service Centre (ESC).

If you have any questions or comments on any of our services,
please visit the ESC and fill out the appropriate form for your needs:
(you will need your UTORid and password to log in to the ESC).

External clients can reach us via the Information Commons Help Desk:

For System Status, including scheduled maintenance and outages, please visit:


Avi HymanARC Director
Annie Hua Project Management
Sankhi LiyanageCommunications
Jeremy Graham,
Assistant Director, Operations
Peter Eden, CoordinatorOperations
Will Heikoop, CoordinatorOperations
Marco Di Vittorio,
Senior Manager for Academic Applications & Analytics

Academic Applications & Analytics

Glenn BrittonAcademic Applications & Analytics
Armin Krauss Academic Applications & Analytics
Ryan GreenAcademic Applications & Analytics
TBAAcademic Applications & Analytics
Kathleen McLeod,
Manager, Research & Collaborative Applications
Research & Collaborative Applications
James McAllisterResearch & Collaborative Applications
Tim ZhengResearch & Collaborative Applications
George KatterloherResearch & Collaborative Applications
Scott HollowsResearch & Collaborative Applications
Amar DholakiaResearch & Collaborative Applications
Bryan EkehResearch & Collaborative Applications
Jordan Holmes,
Senior Manager, Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTSI)

Support & Training

Justin Fletcher, Coordinator
Support & Training
Derek HuntSupport & Training
Sun OoiSupport & Training
Marko Piljevic
Support & Training
Maryam ShafieiSupport & Training
Shayne TrainSupport & Training

Mike Spears,
Manager, Applications & Mobile Development

Applications Development
(formerly Web Services)

Bryan Hayes,
MADLab Manager

Applications Development
Sofiia BalabaApplications Development
Ethan HanApplications Development
Laura VanderkraanApplications Development
Elana ZatzmanApplications Development
Rachel WangApplications Development
Laurie Harrison,
Director, Digital Learning Initiatives

ex officio member
of the ARC Group