ACT Staff

To contact us:

For Enterprise Learning Technologies, including Portal (Blackboard), Turnitin, Video-conferencing, etc.
please write to:

For assistance with Enterprise Web services (WordPress, Drupal, web design, LAMP hosting, etc.)
please write to:

For assistance with Enterprise Email (UTORmail, Exchange, Office 365) please write to:

For existing customers of the ActiveCMS service, please write to:

For general inquiries when you aren’t sure who to contact:

Name Team
Avi Hyman, Director
Jeremy Graham, Senior Manager Operations
Marco Di Vittorio, Application Administration Manager Operations
Peter Eden, Course Evaluation Technical Coordinator Operations
Glenn Britton Operations
Luo Dongchuan Operations
Ryan Green Operations
Scott Hollows Operations
George Katterloher Operations
Chris Sabatinos Operations
Luke Sutherland Operations
Saira Mall, ACT Support Manager Support
Melvin Chien Support
Will Heikoop Support
Mariana Jardim Support
Michal Kasprzak Support
Diane Michaud Support
Maryam Shafiei Support
Peter Cheung, Projects & Development Manager Projects & Development
(formerly Web Services)
Mike Spears, MADLab Manager P&D
Ahalya Rajkumar P&D
Richard Sanford P&D
Laura Vanderkraan P&D
Bahman Yaghoubi Vije
Elana Zatzman P&D
Sharon Roy Advisor to the Director
Haniyeh Yousofpour,
Project Manager, ITS-PMO
ex officio member of the ACT Group
Laurie Harrison, Director of Online Learning Strategies ex officio member of the ACT Group