Updates to our educational JupyterHub

To:                        JupyterHub for teaching users

From:                   Academic, Research & Collaborative Technologies Group

Subject:               Updates to our educational JupyterHub

Date:                    November 23, 2023

Dear colleagues, 

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the service and scalability of our enterprise instance of JupyterHub, we are collaborating with our infrastructure partner 2i2c to streamline the way Jupyter Notebook and RStudio are maintained. 

Last year we introduced a new R hub at r.datatools.utoronto.ca, offering the most up-to-date R/RStudio versions and enabling 2i2c to manage R/RStudio in its own environment. Building on this work, we are pleased to share the following upcoming changes to our educational JupyterHub that will be rolled out on Tuesday, January 9: 

  • R/RStudio will be moved off jupyter.utoronto.ca and jupyter.utoronto.ca will run Jupyter Notebooks with a Python kernel. R/RStudio will continue to be available through r.datatools.utoronto.ca – a separate RStudio hub. 
  • R/Studio will be available on jupyter.utoronto.ca until January 9.  After January 9, users will only be able to access R/RStudio via r.datatools.utoronto.ca. 
  • To simplify community access to Jupyter Notebook and RStudio, we will roll out a single landing page for launching jupyter.utoronto.ca and r.datatools.utoronto.ca: datatools.utoronto.ca. 

As part of this change, R/RStudio users on Jupyter Notebook will not lose access to data and home directories will stay the same. However, if you want to move an R project over to the dedicated RStudio hub, you can follow these instructions. 

To fully benefit from the latest versions of R and RStudio, we encourage all R users to make the move to r.datatools.utoronto.ca at their earliest convenience. 

We thank you for your support during this transition. Please submit a ticket via the Enterprise Service Centre with any additional questions. 

Kind regards,

Academic, Research & Collaborative (ARC) Technologies Group