WordPress Upgrade FAQ

What if I want to install a new plugin?

New Plugins must be requested by sending an email to webservices@utoronto.ca. A shortlist of pre-approved plugins can be found at https://act.utoronto.ca/wordpress-plugins/.  Plugins unknown to the web services team must be evaluated and approved based on security and accessibility before being installed.

What if I want to make changes to my theme?

Changes to themes can introduce security vulnerabilities, and therefore require approval by writing to webservices@utoronto.ca.

What can I do if my site is broken?

Please send a message to webservices@utoronto.ca, including as much information as possible about edits/activities that occurred prior to the upgrade and we will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Can I ask you to go back to the previous version of my site (pre update)?

To ensure security and stability of the system, rollbacks to previous versions will not be allowed. Should a version conflict with plugins or themes arise, the web services team should be able to assist in upgrading or temporarily disabling the defective plugin or theme.

What if the site breaks as result of the upgrade and costs too much to fix?

We will do our best to help reduce the cost as much as possible and provide clear options.