Next Generation Enterprise Web Services




July 2015

ACT, EIS and ISEA staff jointly launch new CMS monitoring and security solutions to help improve the stability of existing enterprise web services, and help mitigate risk caused by cyber criminals who are targeting higher education institutions.

June 2015

NGEWS project team meets with Student Life staff with an emphasis on the use of NGEWS for student portfolios.

May 2015

Formal proposal presented to executive sponsor and approved. Formal work on the project begins.

April 2015

ACT staff begin work on draft of formal project proposal for NGEWS

ITS staff respond to WordPress plugin vulnerabilities that affects several EWS clients.

February 2015

ACT staff participate in Agile Development training

October 2014

ITS and Strategic Communications staff respond to published Drupal vulnerability that affects several EWS clients.

September 2014

ACT begin presenting strategic thinking about Project Elements as a key foundational piece for NGEWS


While continuing to operate existing enterprise web services, including both WordPress and Active content management solutions, ACT staff begin detailed analysis of existing services


ITS Reorganization; responsibility for Enterprise Web Services becomes part of the Academic & Collaborative Technologies Group