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Why REDCap?

REDCap is a user friendly, cost-effective, and secure way to capture and manage research study data. It is not open source or freeware, and it cannot be downloaded by individuals. All survey owners require two factor authentication to gain access to their individual surveys. Survey owners cannot see other surveys for which they have no permission, and they have no access to anyone else’s data. A limited number of system administrators have wider access, but their activities are highly regulated and documented.

The physical infrastructure for the University of Toronto’s REDCap instance is completely maintained within the University’s highly secure, limited-access Data Centre. All collected data is kept on premises while it exists within the REDCap instance. Each survey owner is responsible for their own data management plan, should they wish to extract the data for analysis or storage purposes if they are using other systems for that analysis and/or long-term storage.

Users must be part of an institution that is part of the REDCap Consortium. It includes the following features:

  • Research-centric design
  • Secure capture and storage of sensitive or confidential information
  • Centralized online access
  • Online data entry:
    • While logged into REDCap (databases)
    • While not logged into REDCap (surveys)
  • Built-in tools for managing data collection
  • Data is downloadable in spreadsheet format for analysis in R, SPSS, STATA, SAS, Microsoft Excel, etc.


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