Submit ideas

In order to properly assess a third-party program, requestors need to provide some initial information. During this step, the requestor will provide a brief description of the integration, an overview of its academic value, and contact information for the vendor. Requesters can use this form to submit their idea, however, it is strongly recommended that requesters first check with their divisional educational technology specialist listed here to discuss their idea – it is quite possible that alternative tool already exists that supports the underlying pedagogical objective.

Tool Idea Submission Form

  • (A) User Information

  • (B) Tool Description

  • (C) Impact and Timeline

  • Outline when you would like to start using this tool. Consider whether someone will need advanced access to the tool in order to develop teaching and support materials before courses start. Are there related timelines or other impact factors that we need to be aware of? Please note that successful security, privacy impact, legal and contract reviews and testing processes can sometimes take quite a bit of time.
  • (D) Vendor Details

  • Please provide the name, email address and/or phone number of your primary vendor contact, if you have them. Also include contact information for the vendor's technical team. Please provide any information you have about the vendor's security procedures or assurances. We are particularly concerned with information about Personal Information protection, infrastructure management, and communication about problems with the system. We will use this information to follow up with the vendor.
  • (E) Financial Details

  • Please describe what arrangements have been made or will be made to pay for this tool. Please indicate whether or not you have been in touch with University of Toronto Procurement Services regarding this idea. Please indicate whether or not a University of Toronto DAC or similar proposal process has been initiated for this idea.
  • (F) Testing and Support

  • If yes, please provide the contact information for the person with whom you discussed your idea.
  • Please outline your expectations about how training and support for this tool will be provided. Who will provide training to instructional staff? Who will resolve questions for students who have problems? If you have been in touch with the vendor or supplier, have they indicated that they will be providing end-user support?
  • Before we make this tool available in the University of Toronto's academic toolbox, we will need people to assist in testing and verify that the tool meets the stated needs. Please provide names and email address of people who can work with us on this.