Steps to login to WordPress from external IP addresses

A security measure is now in place to limit WordPress login to only within University of Toronto IP addresses.  To login to any WordPress website hosted by ITS, you will need a set of UTORid credentials and one of two methods of accessing our VPN (virtual private network).  A VPN allows you to connect to a network as if you are accessing from within.

For University Community Members

If you don’t have a UTORid and need access to a WordPress website, please contact your manager to have them issue a UTORid.

The first method for VPN is the UTORvpn service (  Please follow the instructions on that page.  This service is generally available to all faculty and staff members of the University.

The second method for VPN access is via WebVPN.  This method is only available to groups of undergraduate students and should not be used for other websites at the University.  To request access via WebVPN, please ask your divisional IT unit to send us an email at and we will have the domain whitelisted for your access.

For External Contractors

External contractors will need their contact at the University of Toronto to arrange for a Long-Term Guest UTORid to be issued.

External contractors will need to VPN via UTORvpn service (  Please follow the instructions on that page.

For assistance with UTORid setup for external contractors please email the Reader Registration Desk at


How do I get a UTORid?

Long-Term Guest UTORids